Fate's Landing Press Quotes 1.png

"At last, the music that your soul has been seeking that allows your spirit to soar, that becomes part of you

and you can't let go of."

~Grace Stevens - Author, Speaker, Authenticity Advocate


"Fate's Landing will have you pondering life's mysteries one minute, and dancing the next. To me, that's what makes their band great, as they truly have

something for everyone!" 

~Pat Faldetta, Third Floor Coffeehouse


“Jazzy, snazzy, funky and fresh! Music that makes you

move with a vibe that makes you groove.”

~Cindy D'Adamo - PR, LadyLake Entertainment

"The most talented and soulful band I have come across in years! You won't be disappointed, you'll be enlightened." 

~Dave Davis - DJ, Independent Share Radio

"Music is an antidote to despair.. 

The music of Fates Landing is a soulful cure."

~Jimmy Star - Radio/TV Personality, Author

"Bringing Fred and Lori to join with Bernie and Scott…

Fate’s Landing is like joining Peanut Butter and chocolate

for the first time and realizing just how delicious it is.

Ear Delicious."

~John Campbell - Radio Host for Independents Uncovered