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Piano & Vocals

Lori Diamond says she can't remember a day without music, as her ardor for the piano was ignited as soon as she was able to reach the keys. Coming from a musical family in Melrose, MA, she was exposed to a vast array of styles early on and remembers being completely enchanted by Elvis, Barbara Mandrell, James Taylor, and The Andrew Sisters. She felt harmony, passion, skill and meaningful lyrics were all planting their seeds that would one day thrive.

At the age of 14, Lori's first band made its debut at Boston's iconic club, The Channel.  "We were kind of awful, but I'll never forget it," says Diamond. Throughout high school and college, Lori was thrilled to be regularly providing piano and harmony vocals to several outstanding bands.  Perhaps most notably, Lori was a long-time member of a well known original group, The Bee Charmers.

Her musical journey as an independent artist emerged after the birth of her first child. This was her foray as a lead vocalist, sole songwriter and solo pianist.  It wasn't long, however, before she was collaborating with songwriters far and wide. She made lasting impressions offering her distinctive harmony arrangements to an abundance of artists' recordings.  Lori shares that Stuart Ferguson is one such artist she performed with whose writing and singing inspired significant expansion to her own style.

In 2007, Lori was fortunate enough to meet Fred Abatelli, who would quickly become her duo partner and, ultimately, her life partner.  Together, they were creating a unique, original, soulful sound that brought them endless inspiration resulting in awards, accolades, prolific performances, 4 award-winning CDs, and a whole lot of fun.

Most recently, Lori & Fred are overjoyed to be joining forces with Scott Lilliott & Bernie Geddry as they culminate their talents to write and perform together as Fate's Landing.   There truly are no accidents.

Offstage, Lori is a devoted Mom, a voice teacher/mentor, and is a fierce advocate for inclusion.  She also has endless enthusiasm for metaphysical studies, energy healing and spiritual wellness. 


Photo: Rob Mattson, Downstage Images 



Guitar & Vocals

Fred Abatelli has been exploring a colorful music career of performance and experimentation.  Fred learned his instrument by playing along with musical friends and records as a youngster in Queens, NY. Over the years he drew inspiration from a variety of musical corners:  The Beatles; artists from Sun, Stax and Motown records; rock; country; jazz and blues. 

He played at local open mic jams and performed with many groups in his college years. He then became a member of the Long Island band Shotgun, a country group which also paid homage rock and jazz.   In the 1980s, Fred moved to New England and became a part of several groups including the D.B. Wilfred Band, and Biggs Band, a 10-piece Motown cover band that made frequent appearances at the House of Blues in Cambridge. These acts also relished success in music halls, bars and restaurants across New England for many years.  

In 2004, he was one of the founders of Too Many Drivers, an acoustic rock and new jazz group that released their highly anticipated CD, October Road, in 2007.


In 2007, Fred was fortunate enough to meet Lori Diamond who would quickly become his duo partner and, ultimately, his life partner.  Together, they were creating a unique, original, soulful sound that brought them endless inspiration resulting in awards, accolades, prolific performances, 4 award-winning CDs, and a whole lot of fun.

During this time, the pair has together and separately performed on a multitude of recording projects for local artists. As a duo, they supported friend and songwriter Stuart Ferguson in 2010 to co-create one of their most passionate CDs to date called Love Songs and Other Tall Tales.


These days, Fred is joyfully offering his distinct, soulful guitar tones and rich vocals to their newest project, Fate's Landing.

Beyond the stage and studio, you'll find Fred spending time with Lori and their blended family of 5 kids, a dog, and a cat. Otherwise, you might see him carving up the road with his bright red Ducati.

Photo: Rob Mattson, Downstage Images

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Drums/Percussion & Vocals

Bernie Geddry, a native of Norwood, MA,  and award-winning graduate of the prestigious Norwood music program, is a highly acclaimed drummer and percussionist.  With recognition and accolades from the National Association of Jazz Educators and The Boston Jazz Society, Bernie has proven to be a force on the New England music scene.


Bernie's signature style is influenced by drummers such as Buddy Rich, Danny Seraphine (Chicago), Simon Kirke (Bad Company), Russ Kunkel, and Ringo Starr, making him a highly sought after-player in both live and recorded performances.


In the last decade, Bernie has been sharing his gifts with the Alter Ego Band and The Kenny Selcer Trio.  Bernie's desire to create meaningful music is ever-evolving and his musical journey has most recently led him to this new and exciting original quartet, Fate's Landing


When Bernie isn't creating music, he is happiest spending his time with his wife and daughter, skiing, traveling the USA, attending Boston Bruins Hockey games, and hiking the woods of New England with the family dog, "LUNA."  

Photo: Rob Mattson, Downstage Images


Scott Lilliott

Bass & Vocals

Scott began his love of music early - age 4 - he was singing with his parents barbershop quartets as they rehearsed in his home in Needham, MA.  With a piano in the house, he was picking out song melodies he heard or knew because of his natural ability to hear and memorize songs by ear. He started piano lessons at age 8 for five years, then organ lessons for five years with Richard Hashim in Waltham after moving to Weston. During high school he picked up a bass at a jam session with friends and found his calling.  His band in high school was the Red Rose Blues Band with Gray Sargent and Dave Bragdon, and others. They were a premier blues band in the area, and it set Scott on his path to attend Berklee College of Music, graduating in 1978. He studied the music of Bach, Mozart, Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Jaco Pastorius, Pat Metheny, but also appreciating the modern pop of Billy Joel and Joni Mitchell. He performed in the local Boston area with various music friends, various jazz incarnations, and with a weekly country rock band, honing his skills of performance, vocal harmonies, and song arranging. 


Moving to Las Vegas, he was working continuously for 2 years, gaining valuable live professional performance experience, including 2 appearances on the Jerry Lewis Telethon.  Returning to Massachusetts, he reconnected with his original country rock band. With strong 3-part vocals and crisp arrangements, they won the local Wrangler Country Showdown for R.I in 1984 and were flown to Nashville for a live performance at the-then Opryland Hotel Performance Center, placing in the top ten finalists out of 50 performers. He continued to pursue various blues, jazz, and rock opportunities thru the 90’s and 2000’s. He recorded with Beth Sass in Nashville on her Seven Songs CD in 1999.  While he admires and studies the lead styles of Jaco and Stanley Clarke, he likens his own playing style to Lee Sklar, to enhance the song and foundation - very much a collaborative mentality with all the players


In 2008, he found a collection of 6 musicians needing a strong bass player, Alter Ego.  Daytime professionals all, they worked their music avocation to choose, arrange and deliver strong Americana-style music with some known and rearranged soft-rock covers.  Soaring 3 and 4-part harmonies, tight arrangements, and rock-solid rhythm section, every audience acclaimed their performances and they had a dedicated following for 11 years, until life changes moved some of the members away. 


But Scott, and drummer Bernie Geddry became such a solid rhythm section, they joined forces with award-winning duo, Lori Diamond & Fred Abatelli.  Together they are building a new strong band of melodic original songs with some choice and unique cover songs.  


Outside of music, Scott enjoys motorcycle travels with several friends, nature hikes, travel and exploring new places, tinkering with home projects, local original art, meditation, and a curiosity for whatever is coming next in life.

Photo: Jason Walker